Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Back to London - Change of language?

Hello everybody,

long time no "write" :) And I'm not going to catch up on half a year or even more.

Anyways, rumour has it that I'll be relocating to London at the end of this month to start a new job in August. I am really excited about it and can't wait to come back. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time in Berlin recently and I am glad I could spent time with old friends and family but also I got to know new people who became good friends over the past few months.

Now I am wondering if I should keep on writing this blog in English or if I should switch to German or maybe keep it bilingual?

Well...probably best you just wait and see!

Can't wait for a few more adventures in Berlin but also to start a new life in London.

Bye for now xxx

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Marnix hat gesagt…

Wow - she's back! Good to see you found your blog again!