Sonntag, 31. August 2008

I am sailing

Here's a short update about how I am. The weather is lovely and helps me to be in a good mood. My cat allergy is getting worse and I still got a week to go. And my family is lovely! I didn't miss them too much when I was in London because I knew they are always there for me... but now that I'm here spending so much time with them I'm wondering how I could cope a whole year without them!

Yesterday, we went to see my Mums boyfriend's parents. The boyfriend is called Sebastian or Bastl and I will call his parents "grandma and granddad" that makes it easier and shorter :) Bastls sister was there as well with her 3 lovely daughters and her husband Andreas. I haven't seen them for about 2 years I reckon. And I only realised this, because the smallest Josefine is 4 years old now and last time I saw her I was babysitting and changing her nappies!

Since I wasn't in the mood for girl chats I decided to go sailing with Bastl, granddad and Andreas. The boat is called Yxylon (I really don't know who and why they chose that name!) and it's a small sailing boat. We had a really good time and were talking a bit but most of the time Bastl explained all the sailing stuff to Andreas and me and I must say I really got into it! There was almost no wind which made it harder for us...but I learned how to figure out where to go. Unfortunately, I can't tell you all the things because of a lack of words, haha. Even the German words are unusual for me!

After the trip we went back to my grandparents house and had a nice BBQ... I was sooo hungry and tired!

Today, I'm doing another family trip with Mum, Bastl and my lovely granny (my Mum's mum). We're probably going to a lake and then for some food...yummy. I lost a few kilos over the last two weeks and my new diet is to eat, eat, eat and eat :)

That's it for today... can't wait to realx in the sun! x

Dienstag, 26. August 2008

The Wedding

Well, for those of you that didn't know lovely sister got married last Friday 22nd August 2008. She's 5 years older than it was about time, eh?

Whilst my sis and her husband were planning all the daytime activities I was in charge of the party night...good choice! It made it easier for me to return to Berlin because I put all my energy into the wedding. From last Monday to Thursday I was working on a movie about the couple, putting together games and buying lots of stuff...

My sis always wanted to be a princess and where do princesses get married - in a castle. So they booked this castle outside of Berlin...very close to the Polish border actually...and it turned out to be a good choice. Not only the venue was breathtaking...but we were also very lucky with the weather. We've been following the weather forecast since last Monday and it didn't look too good...but it was a lovely summer day and the temperature was about 25°C...perfect conditions to get married!
We arrived at the castle at 12 o'clock and whilst my sis was getting ready in her room (and even though I was her maid of honour I wasn't supposed to see her) her husband was still very calm and relaxed. At 1 p.m. all the guests had arrived and the registrar started playing the song they chose for their wedding. When I saw my Mum's boyfriend and my sister walking down to us I had tears in my eyes. She looked so beautiful and happy!

Once the official part was over they let doves fly and held a speech...a funny one about weddings in general...and all the things that are going to happen during the day. Then the photographer took a lot of pics of the couple and the guests and eventually went off with the couple to take another million photos.

I was starving! So fortunately the cake was next on the agenda :) Then the husband's parents played a puppet show with future visions of the couple and they got loads of presents. Last but not least people were smashing porcelain...that's an old custom in Germany. The bride and groom then have to sweep up the pieces and put it in a barrow and once they swept up everything someone will topple the barrow so they'll have to do it again...well...that was a bit unnecessary because my sister toppled the barrow herself accidentally!

And then there is another tradition...the couple has to saw a tree trunk in half...Mareen and Helge were really lucky because the trunk was rather small and the saw sharp as a razor...

After that we went into the castle and had a few drinks before the lovely and delicious dinner...yummy. Then the party night started and we had a lot of fun dancing, playing the games I had prepared and dancing again and again and my feet were about twice their normal I took off my shoes and kept on dancing and dancing and dancing oh and did I mention...drinking and drinking and drinking??? At 3 a.m. there were only six of us left and there was no way I could move my feet or body or anything so we decided to call it a night...a great one though!!!

I hope they will be happy forever, but in case my sister decides she wants to marry again...I'll be there!