Sonntag, 31. August 2008

I am sailing

Here's a short update about how I am. The weather is lovely and helps me to be in a good mood. My cat allergy is getting worse and I still got a week to go. And my family is lovely! I didn't miss them too much when I was in London because I knew they are always there for me... but now that I'm here spending so much time with them I'm wondering how I could cope a whole year without them!

Yesterday, we went to see my Mums boyfriend's parents. The boyfriend is called Sebastian or Bastl and I will call his parents "grandma and granddad" that makes it easier and shorter :) Bastls sister was there as well with her 3 lovely daughters and her husband Andreas. I haven't seen them for about 2 years I reckon. And I only realised this, because the smallest Josefine is 4 years old now and last time I saw her I was babysitting and changing her nappies!

Since I wasn't in the mood for girl chats I decided to go sailing with Bastl, granddad and Andreas. The boat is called Yxylon (I really don't know who and why they chose that name!) and it's a small sailing boat. We had a really good time and were talking a bit but most of the time Bastl explained all the sailing stuff to Andreas and me and I must say I really got into it! There was almost no wind which made it harder for us...but I learned how to figure out where to go. Unfortunately, I can't tell you all the things because of a lack of words, haha. Even the German words are unusual for me!

After the trip we went back to my grandparents house and had a nice BBQ... I was sooo hungry and tired!

Today, I'm doing another family trip with Mum, Bastl and my lovely granny (my Mum's mum). We're probably going to a lake and then for some food...yummy. I lost a few kilos over the last two weeks and my new diet is to eat, eat, eat and eat :)

That's it for today... can't wait to realx in the sun! x

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