Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

Greetings to my lovely aunt

Hello, my most lovely aunt.
This is Shrimpsi and I want to send you a big big kiss from me from my flat (mamas belly) to you in London.
I´m very fine and I look forward to the day that I will finally meet you the first time.
I hope you feel very well and you are happy with your new suitcase.

I think of you. See you soon.
Your little niece Shrimpsi

Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

Blogging again

Hello hello,

after my little niece started writing a blog before even being born I remembered the good old times and thought it could be quite nice to give blogging another try :)

Also it will give me the chance to tell you guys how I'm doing as an aunt or currently aunt-to-be :) I find this all very exciting and already love the little one to bits!

2 years from my last post I'm still living in London and enjoying my life with a great job, nice flat and nice people around me who make every day awesome whatever the weather, haha...let me tell you it's raining a lot these days.

I can think of a hundred things to write for now so it's worth to keep watching this space!

Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

Hola :)

Gosh, so many things to be sorted out...can anyone please remind me on the hassle that comes with relocations next time I want to go somewhere? :)

Although I must say I learnt a lot. Please get in contact if you want to know about the cheapest way of sending parcels from Germany to the UK... I advise you to take Hermes

Also, flathunting looks really good at the moment! I'm not used to have so much peace of mind... cool :) But then again - leaving your family behind is not an easy thing, is it?

That's us... just a few people but they make my days!

Bye now x

Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Back to London - Change of language?

Hello everybody,

long time no "write" :) And I'm not going to catch up on half a year or even more.

Anyways, rumour has it that I'll be relocating to London at the end of this month to start a new job in August. I am really excited about it and can't wait to come back. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time in Berlin recently and I am glad I could spent time with old friends and family but also I got to know new people who became good friends over the past few months.

Now I am wondering if I should keep on writing this blog in English or if I should switch to German or maybe keep it bilingual?

Well...probably best you just wait and see!

Can't wait for a few more adventures in Berlin but also to start a new life in London.

Bye for now xxx

Sonntag, 31. August 2008

I am sailing

Here's a short update about how I am. The weather is lovely and helps me to be in a good mood. My cat allergy is getting worse and I still got a week to go. And my family is lovely! I didn't miss them too much when I was in London because I knew they are always there for me... but now that I'm here spending so much time with them I'm wondering how I could cope a whole year without them!

Yesterday, we went to see my Mums boyfriend's parents. The boyfriend is called Sebastian or Bastl and I will call his parents "grandma and granddad" that makes it easier and shorter :) Bastls sister was there as well with her 3 lovely daughters and her husband Andreas. I haven't seen them for about 2 years I reckon. And I only realised this, because the smallest Josefine is 4 years old now and last time I saw her I was babysitting and changing her nappies!

Since I wasn't in the mood for girl chats I decided to go sailing with Bastl, granddad and Andreas. The boat is called Yxylon (I really don't know who and why they chose that name!) and it's a small sailing boat. We had a really good time and were talking a bit but most of the time Bastl explained all the sailing stuff to Andreas and me and I must say I really got into it! There was almost no wind which made it harder for us...but I learned how to figure out where to go. Unfortunately, I can't tell you all the things because of a lack of words, haha. Even the German words are unusual for me!

After the trip we went back to my grandparents house and had a nice BBQ... I was sooo hungry and tired!

Today, I'm doing another family trip with Mum, Bastl and my lovely granny (my Mum's mum). We're probably going to a lake and then for some food...yummy. I lost a few kilos over the last two weeks and my new diet is to eat, eat, eat and eat :)

That's it for today... can't wait to realx in the sun! x